Friday, September 5, 2014

Plastics: Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most versatile plastics. Plastic can be made rigid, soft, or flexible and can be used for an array of different things from building to healthcare materials. Today, we're going to discuss vinyl siding. 
There is a multitude of benefits to vinyl siding. One being that it is more sustainable than most other types of exterior cladding. In a report done by “Plastic News,” they compare the environmental performance of vinyl siding, insulated siding, cedar siding, stucco, exterior insulation and finishing systems, fiber-cement siding and bricks and mortar. 
The report mainly looked at life-cycle and environmental-impact analysis but along with these also included reports on materials’ costs, toxicity and impact on human health. In most areas, vinyl siding outperformed other cladding. 
Some quick facts about vinyl and its impact in the areas listed above: 
  • Brick had more than four times the environmental impact of vinyl. 
  • Vinyl is cheaper to install, has a long life span, and requires little upkeep.
  • Vinyl’s weight also cuts down on the material’s global warming potential. 
  • Vinyl contributes less carbon dioxide per square foot than any other material excluding cedar siding. 
  • Vinyl and insulated siding scored lowest on the emission of toxins in the environment. 
  • Vinyl ranked lowest in human health impact—both vinyl and insulated have nearly zero impact on human health. 
  • Sustainable product. 
One of the greatest benefits to vinyl is that it can be recycled. A local recycling center, such as Metro Recycling, will pay you to recycle your vinyl siding, tubing and fencing. Recycling vinyl is very easy and the greatest part of it all is it can be converted to electricity and heat for the surrounding community. 
So next time you’re doing a home remodel remember that Metro Recycling will gladly accept and recycle your used vinyl siding as well as your vinyl tubing and fencing. With three convenient locations across the Chicagoland and northwest Indiana area it is not only easy to recycle your vinyl but well worth it. You can walk away with a few extra bucks and feel good because you made a positive impact on the environment. 
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  1. Plastic is a very malleable product. When you need to create something, plastic can be a great choice because it is so modifiable. Vinyl siding will last a long time with minimal upkeep. It is also cheaper, which makes it a great choice in siding.