Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Recycling Gift Cards

‘Tis the season to receive gift cards a plenty! I’m sure many of us during the holiday season give and receive gift cards to their favorite restaurants, stores, gas stations or Movie Theater. What happens when the money on those cards run out? Are they recyclable? 
You may not know that gift cards are actually made out of PVC plastic. You also may be saying “It’s not like one little gift card will make a huge difference.” That’s where you’re wrong. More than 75 million pounds of PVC material from plastic cards enters the waste stream each year. 
One of the neat things about PVC is that it is infinitely recyclable. In reality there are very few curbside programs that will accept this form of plastic. While you can’t put old PVC gift cards in your blue bin, you can check for recycling companies that will accept gift cards as recyclable material. Check out Earth911’s recycling directory to see if there is a drop off point in your neighborhood. 
If you can’t find a recycler near you, Earthworks System accepts all forms of plastic cards through a mail-back recycling program. 

Although Metro Recycling does not accept gift cards for recycling, we do accept PVC tubing, piping and fencing. As stated earlier, PVC is infinitely recyclable. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to recycle your old PVC tubes, pipes and fences. To find out more about Metro Recycling’s acceptable materials, visit Metro’s website www.wheredoirecycle.com