Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Decomposition: Cigarette butts

You find them along the road. You find them in the cracks of the sidewalk. You find them in the sand on the beach. Still questioning what you’re finding? Cigarette butts. 
I bet you don’t even think about how often you see cigarette butts lying around. They’re everywhere. We’ve even noticed that if you put a cigarette butt receptacle out, they don’t always even make it into the receptacle. 
As our previous blog post about cigarette butts states, they are in fact recyclable. TerraCycle has a Cigarette Waste Brigade recycling program. This program takes cigarette butts and recycles them into materials such as ashtrays, picnic tables, and plastic palettes. 
Without a program such as TerraCycle cigarette butts would be sitting around for quite some time. It takes anywhere from one to five years for a cigarette filter to biodegrade. 
Next time you consider tossing your cigarette butt out the window or you see someone else do that, think of how many picnic tables could be made from all the cigarette butts lying around. 

Want more information on Terracycle? Check out their website and don’t forget to read our blog post about TerraCycle recycling.