Friday, April 19, 2013

"In 14 Years They are Decomposable..."

“Red solo cup, I fill you up!” I’m sure you’ve heard the 2012 hit Red Solo Cup from Toby Keith, if not take a moment and enjoy the great tune. Finished? It’s great right? 
Where do you normally spot red solo cups? Just as Keith’s lyrics say, “Now a red solo cup is the best receptacle for barbecues, tailgates, fairs and festivals.” A large gathering is usually where you’ll find them. Why you ask? Well, as Keith says again “a red solo cup is cheap and disposable.” True that, Keith. Cheap, disposable, and the party host has minimal clean up afterwards. 
But wait. What does Keith say after all of this? “In 14 years they are decomposable.” Pause. You’re telling me that when I throw my handy dandy, easy clean up, red solo cups away that they will sit in the landfill for 14 years?! Yes, that is exactly what I’m telling you.
So there has to be other options right? Correct. Back in 2011 TerraCycle and Solo teamed up to create the Solo Cup Brigade, a disposable solution for the millions of single-use cups sold each year. 
Getting involved is incredibly simple. Individuals, schools, offices, non-profits and pretty much anyone signs up on the TerraCycle website. After you’ve collected plastic Solo cups you return them to TerraCycle, who will recycle them into playground equipment, park benches and outdoor furniture. 
And guess what. For every up received, Solo will donate two cents to Keep America Beautiful or the member’s charity of choice. So you get to help save the environment AND raise profits for a charity. That sounds like a fantastic deal to me. 
Want to get involved and start recycling your Solo cups? Find out more by visiting By taking this step today we’re taking a step toward a better future.  
Although Metro Recycling doesn't currently accept red Solo cups, we accept a variety of other materials. Metro's goal is to make recycling easy for every member of the communities we serve. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

NWI Earth Day

Metro Recycling is excited to be part of the Northwest Indiana Earth Day Event on April 20, 2013. This entertaining, free event will be held at the Porter County Expo Center from 9am – 4pm. Northwest Indiana Earth Day will include family fun and educational activities on ways to live a greener life.
“We’re proud to be a sponsor for the Northwest Indiana Earth Day Event,” said Neil Samahon, CEO of Metro Recycling. “We want to engage the community in the benefits of recycling and provide educational resources on all the various types of materials that can be recycled.”
The 8th Annual Northwest Indiana Earth Day Event is open to the public. Many other organizations, schools, and businesses will all be in attendance and will supply many fun activities for attendees. Metro Recycling will feature coloring stations, recycle organizing, material education, games and more.
“I hope the community members come to enjoy a fun day with us,” said Samahon. “I want to help people understand that recycling can be fun, easy, and is ultimately the best way to preserve the earth.”
Earth Day 2013 will be an event to learn how to reduce your ecological footprint. Metro Recycling and other Earth Day participants want to work with the community to decrease the amount of waste harming the earth.
In addition to Earth Day, Metro Recycling focuses on increasing community awareness on the impact of recycling everyday with school presentations, and yard tours of their recycling facilities in Valparaiso, Griffith, and Blue Island. Metro Recycling helps reduce ecological footprints by accepting a long list of recyclable items, including but not limited to aluminum cans, copper, brass wire, scrap steel, scrap iron, stainless steel, radiators, vinyl and aluminum siding, electric motors, paper, and cardboard.
Since 1988, Metro Recycling has been committed to the environment. The three locations in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana believe that taking care of the environment involves the whole community. Earth Day 2013 is helping them to continue their efforts of educating staff and communities on the importance and ease of recycling.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Recycling Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most versatile plastics. It can be made rigid, soft, or flexible and can be used for an array of different things from building to healthcare materials. 
There is a multitude of benefits to vinyl. One being that it is more sustainable than most other types of exterior cladding. In a report done by “Plastic News,” they compare the environmental performance of vinyl siding, insulated siding, cedar siding, stucco, exterior insulation and finishing systems, fiber-cement siding and bricks and mortar. 
The report mainly looked at life-cycle and environmental-impact analysis but along with these also included reports on materials’ costs, toxicity and impact on human health. In most areas, vinyl siding outperformed other cladding. 
Some quick facts about vinyl and its impact in the areas listed above: 
  • Brick had more than four times the environmental impact of vinyl. 
  • Vinyl is cheaper to install, has a long life span, and requires little upkeep.
  • Vinyl’s weight also cuts down on the material’s global warming potential. 
  • Vinyl contributes less carbon dioxide per square foot than any other material excluding cedar siding. 
  • Vinyl and insulated siding scored lowest on the emission of toxins in the environment. 
  • Vinyl ranked lowest in human health impact—both vinyl and insulated have nearly zero impact on human health. 
  • Sustainable product. 
One of the greatest benefits to vinyl is that it can be recycled. A local recycling center, such as Metro Recycling, will pay you to recycle your vinyl siding, tubing and fencing. Recycling vinyl is very easy and the greatest part of it all is it can be converted to electricity and heat for the surrounding community. 
So next time you’re doing a home remodel remember that Metro Recycling will gladly accept and recycle your used vinyl siding as well as your vinyl tubing and fencing. With three convenient locations across the Chicagoland and northwest Indiana area it is not only easy to recycle your vinyl but well worth it. You can walk away with a few extra bucks and feel good because you made a positive impact on the environment. 
For more information on vinyl siding visit: